My Sun-gazing Experience

This is my first post and I will be sharing my experience of sun gazing. Let me first tell you something about sun gazing if you are unaware of this.

Sun gazing is the act of gazing at the rising or about to set sun taking certain precautions. The precautions are to look at the sun within a one hour period just after sunrise or just before sunset, that is when UV index is near zero and gazing for a certain time limit. Otherwise, you may have adverse effects on your body.

Worshiping the sun and looking at it is a practice dating back to ancient civilizations. It is believed that sun has healing power. If we research we can find people who claim to have evidence of such experience about sun gazing, its healing effects and spiritual transformation.

I started sun gazing from 3 March, 2017. Today, 5 May, 2017, I have reached 3 minutes 20 seconds. It is best to stand barefoot on dirt on the earth while you gaze at the sun. But I have not been able to commit to that. At the first week, I stood on earth. But now I stand barefoot on concrete.

During the first few days, I felt happier and more relaxed. I used to get up late before. Now I get up early just before or during sunrise and I do not feel lazy to get out of bed anymore. I actually find myself looking forward to getting up before the sunrise. I enjoy looking at the sun. It instantly refreshes my mood.

Some nights I sleep for only 4-5 hours and I get so exhausted to wake up the following morning. But as soon as I am about to finish sun gazing for that morning I feel more energetic. I do not feel exhausted and do not need to take a nap during the day. I have been feeling as if Sun is compensating for my lack of sleep.

I am myopic and have been wearing glasses for 17 years. Now the myopia is at plateau (before I started sun gazing). I am hoping to improve my eyesight with sun gazing. I am excited for coming days.

I will be posting updates in a few weeks if you want to follow this later.

If you want to begin sun gazing, study about it, research, take precautions, and proceed at your own risk. Have a good day.